Jupiter in Scorpio: “Blessing in disguise”

Scorpio is not precisely the sign of our shadow, but rather the sign of contrasting extremes. These extremes are representing energies in polarity, when they are out of natural state of balance. After all, shadow is that part of ourselves that we don't expose in the light, or said otherwise, the part of ourselves that... Continue Reading →


Evolving into essentially independent being

I wholeheartedly believe, when we speak of independence, that it's meant to come through much more than just independence on physical level. Yet, we easily fall into the trap of assumption, that our physical distance means something other than what it actually is. It is easy, because of the way we were collectively taught to operate -... Continue Reading →

Transfer of power pt.2: “Law of attraction”

Understanding frequencies of vibrations is really the foundation when it comes to understanding realities we experience. What makes it difficult to do so, is the constraint of perception, imposed first and foremost by our five, or better said physical senses. Physical reality is like a puppet show, where strings  are only visible to the puppeteer.... Continue Reading →

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